Hawke Scope Mount Inserts / Shims

Can be installed with bubble in either corner (top left, bottom right, top right, bottom left), these bubble levels are a fantastic way of quickly checking if you are holding the gun level and not canting the rifle (which leads to accuracy issues). Supplied with allen key for installation.

Available in:
– 1″ /25mm
– 30mm




Gone are the days of messing around with coke cans to create a shim – finally Hawke have created an affordable and practical solution to running our of elevation on scopes!

– Adds 25 MOA Of Elevation To Riflescopes (or can be reversed to give more adjustment downward)
– Designed To Fit Hawke Match Mounts but many people are using them on other types of mounts (lips are frequently cut off the edges to accommodate other mount models / brands.
– Precision Engineered To Exacting Standards
– Hard Wearing, Non-Slip Materials