In House Repair Service

Bagnall and Kirkwood specialise in providing spare parts for servicing your own rifle. However, we can also service / repair your air rifle in our workshop. If you are close to Newcastle, Durham, Northumberland or the North East in general we will do our best to get you up and running again! Posting airguns can cause issues for us due to the postage, however we can sometimes do this and in addition we have a couple of specialist partners that offer mail order repair services please contact us via email for details.

Air rifle and pistol repairs:
We are able to service and repair most models of air rifle in house. General turnround times are 2 to 3 weeks but can vary so please contact us.
Servicing on all air rifles includes the power being set to below the 12ftlb limit (unless on FAC or owner specifies a lower power). If a airgun comes in over 12ftlb we will NOT in any circumstances return it without reducing the power.

General service cost for spring rifles – seals, spring, service etc from £70

General service cost for PCP airguns please see the below estimates – if your rifle is not listed we most likely can service it but we just do not have estimated costs already worked out. Prices include o-rings but not any other spares.
AGT – Vulcan, Vulcan MK2, Vixen, Uragan – Reseal and service from £70
Air Arms:
     – s200, cz200, s300, s310, s400, s410, TDR, s510, MPR – Reseal and service  £70 – £80
– s510R, Ultimate Sporter – Reseal and service £70-120 depending if regulator needs reset.
Airmaks – Caiman, Kataran – Reseal and service from £70
Artemis, SMK & Snowpeak :
– CP1, CP2, CR600W, PP800 – Reseal and service from £40
– PP700SA, PP700W, PP750 – Reseal and service from £60
– M10, M12, M16, M16A, M16D, M22, M25, M40. M50, P10. P12, P15, P35, PR900W, PR900S – Reseal and service from £70
Aselkon – Various models – Reseal and service from £70
ASG Pistols – Pricing varies
ATA – Airborne – Reseal and service from £70
Benjamin – Akela, Cayden, Marauder, Discovery – Reseal and service from £70
Brocock – Compatto MK1, HR Sniper & XR, Bantam MK1, MK2 & XR, Aim-X, Atomic, Commander & XR, Concept & XR, Grand Prix, Super 6, Ranger & XR. – Reseal and service £70-120 depending if regulator needs reset. We are an approved Brocock service center.
– Defiant, Goldstar SE – Reseal and service £70-120 depending if regulator needs reset.
– Hornet, Superten MK1, MK2 & MK3 – From £70. Price dependent on times taken if regulator needs worked on as these can be difficult to open.
– R10 MK1, MK2, SE, TH, RTen – £85 – Reseal and service including regulator.
– Ultra, Ultramax, Ultra XL Scorpion and SE models – Reseal and service £70
Daystate – We are an approved Daystate service center:
      – Mechanical Non Regulated Models – Air Ranger, Griffin, Harrier, Harrier X & X2, Huntsman, Huntsman Classic, Huntsman Regal, PH6, Wolverine, Wolverine 2 – Reseal and service from £80
– Mechanical Regulated Models – Renegade, Wolverine R, Huntsman Regal HR, Revere – Reseal from £80, if power adjustment required add approx £20.
– Electronically Regulated Models – Air Wolf, MK3, MK4, Pulsar, Red Wolf – Reseal from £80, if power adjustment required or custom power map price depends on time, approx £80 extra.
Chaser, Bandit – £40
– K98 Mauser, Sotrmrider, Skyhawk – £70
– FN models, Prairie, Titan models – Reseal and service from £70
     – Axsor, Boss, Cutlas, Cyclone, FX2000, Gemini, Rapier, Royal, Typhoon, T12,   – Reseal and service from £70
– Bobcat & MK2, Crown, Dreamline, Gladiator & MK2, Impact & MK2 & M3, Maverick, Streamline, Verminator & MK2, Wildcat MK1, MK2 & MK3      – Reseal and service from £90
Gamo –  Boxxer, Chacal, Coyote, GX40, HPA, Phox, Venari – Reseal and service from £70
Hatsan –  AT44, Gladius – Reseal and service from £70
Kalibrgun –  Cricket, Cricket 2 and other models – Reseal and service from £80
Kral –  Puncher, Breaker, NP02, NP03, Maxi, Empire, X & XS, Mortal, Jumbo, NP500, Hi-Cap, Knight – Reseal and service from £70
Kuzey – K300, K600, K900 – Reseal and service from £80
Lee Enfield – Sentry – Reseal and service from £70
– Axsor, Domin8or, Eagle, Gemini, MK1, MK2 & Professional, Solo, Ultimate – Reseal and service from £70
– Gladi8or, Vermin8or – Reseal and service from £90
Milbro – Guardian – Reseal and service from £70
Reximex – Accura, Apex, Pretensis, Mito, Regime, Ixia, Tormenta – Reseal and service from £80
RTI – Priest, Priest 2, Prophet – Reseal and service from £70
RWS – Model 500, Cutlas, Excalibre, LR20, LR25, Rapier, Storm, Scimitar – Reseal and service from £70
Stoeger – XM1, XMI Bullpup – Reseal and service from £70
Theoben – Rapid MK1, MK2, MFR – Reseal and service from £70
Walther – Airmagnum 850, Rotex RM8 – Reseal and service from £70
Webley – Axsor, En4cer, FX2000, Raider, Raider 10, Raider 12, Raider Classic, Venom Sidewinder, Venom Viper – Reseal and service from £70
     – HW100, HW101 Full reseal and service from £70
– HW110, HW44 Full reseal and service from £100
– HW100, HW101, HW110, HW44 – Cylinder valve service only (if only leaking from fill port) – £22
Zbroia – Kozak, Hortitsia, Sapsan – Reseal and service from £70