Titan XS – BSA Meteor Mainspring

The Titan XS is a round section mainspring made from the highest quality Swedish Grade One Vanadium Spring Steel

Each Titan XS spring is hand wound to exact specification, then heat treated and tempered to ensure ultimate performance and maximum durability. During the final tempering stage, they are coated with a specially formulated finish, a derivative of PTFE and Teflon that is hard yet flexible. Self-lubricating multiislip properties eliminates the need for conventional spring lubrication, however grease application is still recommended. The almost friction free operation of the Titan XS Mainspring reduces the possibilities of dieseling to a minimum. Maximum power is maintained for longer than most other springs.

Titan XS Mainsprings do not lose power when left cocked for long periods.

Please note: For the installation of springs into Air Rifles it is sometimes necessary to remove coils by way of grinding or cutting the spring. This is normal and should be taken into consideration before fitting. Please test your airgun to ensure you remain below power limits for your country.


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Titan spring suitable for BSA Meteor.

Model T5: BSA Meteor MK1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Super Meteor and Meteor S
Model T6: BSA Meteor MK6, MK7#

You can tell which model you have from the serial number prefix.
Meteor MK1: N & T
Meteor MK2: NA & TA
Meteor MK3: NB & TB – NG & TG
Meteor MK4: NB & TB – NG & TG
Meteor MK5: NH & TH
Super Meteor: NH & TH
Meteor MK6: ZE & WE
Meteor MK7: QF
Meteor S