Saber Tactical Custom 60mm Bottle Bipod / Sling Clamp

This bottle adaptor from Saber tactical is ideal for mounting a bipod or sling in a more natural position on buddy bottle air rifles.

We commonly use these on outfits that use carbon bottles where complete round clamps are sometimes not suitable due to clearance between the bottle and the barrel shroud.

Our most popular rifles to use these on are:
FX Crown / Crown MK2
FX Impact / Impact MK2 / Impact MK3 M3
FX Maverick
FX Dreamline (Bottle versions)
FX Wildcat MK3 BT (bottle versions)
Daystate RedWolf
Daystate Delta Wolf
Daystate Wolverine / 2 / R
Brocock Bantam
Brocock Sniper
Brocock Ghost
Brocock Commander
Brocock Pathfinder
RTI Priest / MK2
RTI Prophet / MK2
AGT Uragan, Uragan 2 & Vulcan 3


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