Protektor Rabbit Ear Rear Benchrest Sand Bag Rest – Unfilled

The original source of leather sandbag rifle and pistol rests. Founded by Basil Tuller in 1938, they were the first and are still the best! All leather items are made with the finest top grain cowhide leather available, known to last generations. At Protektor Model, they take pride in ensuring quality design, workmanship and customer service. They offer top-quality shooting bags for the average hunter and shooter to the top bench rest competitors. Numerous IBS world records are shot using Protektor Model bags. Products are proudly made in the USA.
All Protektor Model bags are shipped unfilled.
Each ear measures 2.5″ tall and has a single stitch sewn between them. The taller rabbit ears allow shooters to use the squeeze technique to adjust elevation while shooting. Recommended for shooting a wide range of distances. Base measures 5″ x 6.75″.


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