FX Regulator Belleville Washers for Tuning – 4 pack

We have been asked by a few people to supply small sets of the different belleville spring washers used in the FX rifles to allow them to custom tune their rifle by adjusting stack layout, amount of washers or thickness of washers. We therefore now supply in packs of 4 the 3 different thickness washers that FX supply.

Please note: if you are looking for a complete stack in a factory setup we have them here.

Suitable for the FX Crown / Crown MK2, Impact / Impact MK2 / M3 / MK3, Dreamline, Maverick, Wildcat MK2 and Wildcat MK3 air rifles.

Set of 4 please note this is for the later version (They fit all versions of the rifles stated above with the exception of some very early Impact MK1’s) If you have an Impact MK1 you will need to check the sizing – this is the 10mm external versions. please check with your existing if in doubt!




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Thin, Medium, Thick