EVC Rear Mounted Universal Mobile Phone Scope Recording System Kit

Ever wished you could record your shots whilst using your normal day scope? Well now you can with the Eaglevisioncam universal rear mounted camera recording system. Attaches to the back of your scope to allow recording. Just use your phone screen to shoot!

Designed to work with 99% of scopes. Will work with rear sizes between 40mm to 46.5mm. 

Sturdy and self centering, no playing around trying to get it in the center etc, this is the ultimate solution.

Free Case: Our new waterproof case, keeps your camera mounting system organised and safe.

If you are using our magnet on your smart phone holder, please make sure the magnet does NOT affect your smart phone. Check Google for information before you start using it. Wtake NO responsibility for this issue. 

Here are some valuable tips to help you get the best video quality recordings:
1. Use a good scope with a decent lens and larger Objective.
2. Use a quality camera for recording;  HD ready at 240FPS is preferable
4. Ensure that your scope and camera/phone are setup correctly.
5. Use less magnification with your scope for higher quality. The picture quality is highly dependent on both the mobile phone and scope.
6. An optical zoom is preferred over digital zoom, which makes a lower image quality.



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