Dedicated Bipod/Sling Adaptor for Select Puncher Models

This is for a bipod / sling adaptor designed to fit onto the rail under the stock on some Kral Puncher airguns.

The connects to the rail leaving a standard QD stud to which a standard bipod or sling swivel system can be attached.

The following Kral models are supplied new with the underside rail:
Kral Puncher Jumbo
Kral Puncher Bigmax
Kral Puncher Pitbull
Kral Puncher NP-02
Kral Puncher Auto
Kral Puncher S
Kral Puncher Maxi S
Kral Puncher Mega S
KRAL Puncher Armour
kRAL Puncher Breaker (some versions)

If you are looking to combine this product to fit a sling we recommend our rear stud here

If you do not have a front rail on your rifle you can still fit a sling or bipod using the standard studs here


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