Bushwacker Flip-up Scope Covers

Quake Bushwacker flip up covers.

Over the years we have tried many many different brands of flip-up covers.
Bushwackers are the only ones we find that perform consistently time after time.

The rubber is also super high grade giving a positive open and close on the ‘flip’.

More sizing details below.


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Bushwacker™ Optic Covers employ state-of-the-art polymer technology designed to maximize the product’s versatility.

All models have a simple snap-lock feature providing for dust and watertight integrity.

These highly stretchable covers are manufactured to fit both ocular and objective lenses and are ideal for firearm and spotting scopes, binoculars and cameras.

To determine which sizes you require just measure the OUTER DIAMETER of your scope (including AO adjustment if it is on the scope).

Size 1 – 25.40mm – 28.96mm
Size 3 – 30.48mm – 35.56mm
Size 4 – 35.56mm – 40.64mm
Size 5 – 40.64mm – 46.74mm
Size 6 – 46.74mm – 55.88mm
Size 7 – 55.88mm – 62.23mm
Size 8 – 62.23mm – 67.31mm